Friday, May 15, 2009

Be Careful to Eat "Junk Food"

Diseases degeneratif lately become a hot discussion of each person and not into the doctors consumption. Development of the disease has been growing rapidly, so encourage the public to understand the impact of disease caused degeneratif.

Degeneratif disease is medical term to describe a disease process that appears due to the slowdown of the cell body to its normal condition worsen. The entry in this group, among other melitus diabetes, stroke, coronary heart, kardiovaskular, Obesity, dislipidemia and so forth.

Research states that the emergence of modern diseases degeneratif have a strong enough correlation with increasing age. Degeneratif disease at this time more prevalent in urban areas. The cause is mainly due to lifestyle changes in urbanization and modernization. Lifestyle changes can be seen clearly with the emergence of other places to eat junk food in almost all corners of the city. Junk food is not healthy food because it has low nutritional value.

This type of food containing saturated fat (saturated fat), salt and sugar, and various additive such as monosodium glutamate and tartrazine with a high degree. Junk food contains almost no protein, vitamins and fiber that the body is needed.

Pattern eat all the food at this time IM is very tune by the urban community. But many people do not know that junk food is food that has a high risk of disease degeneratif triggered diseases such as diabetes melitus, kardiovaskular, and stroke.

Kardiovaskular disease is a disease associated with aberration heart and blood vessel. This disease is increasing and has become the first cause of death for people with age above 40 years and become a major killer in developing countries rich.

Three ways of prevention of disease entry degeneratif this group is doing a good eating pattern that is not eating fatty foods such as junk food and other food berkolesterol, doing sports regularly, and not smoking. For groups with a high risk that people with age above 45 years old, have parents who carry the disease diabetes, and have excessive body weight, on the third way must be added to the regular health checks.

Degeneratif disease can be prevented with the factors that minimize the risk of it. Risk factors, this fact was widely known by almost all the community. Risk factors, the main cause of the disease is degeneratif pattern that is not healthy to eat, lack of physical activity, and cigarette consumption.

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Junk, but it is delicious

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hamil said...

It is really hard for me to avoid junk food because they are tasty. :-(

Desserts Recipes said...

I try to avoid junk food but every now and then my temptation gets the better of me, ,and I indulge in a cake or pizza or burger

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its soooo hard to resist the wonderful tasty greasy, yummy, tasty yummy scrummyness....oh my gosh Im gonna have to go to KFC right now :-(

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