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About Vitamin C

vitamin C

The vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can probably be vitamin of has wonder in some 'books of S. Beaucoup of complaints were introduced for it in these last years, not the minors whose Linus Pauling the 'complaints of S were Dr. so that its capacity prevents and by decreases the duration and the intensity of the head cold when great sunken amounts.

Unfortunately, although the vitamin C is antiviral and supports the immune system, it is not necessarily a magic ball which will demolish the head cold or even cancer! In fact, some recent studies seem to indicate that Dr. Pauling 'complaints of S could be exaggerated.

The vitamin C, like the majority of the other vitamins and mineral supplements helps mainly the body to complete its work indeed. The insufficiencies of the vitamin C CAN predispose the body with certain defects, and the catch adapted by the daily supplementation of mode or vitamin can HELP to prevent certain conditions and diseases. Mineral vitamins and supplements should never not be employed like only way with health, but should belong to a lifestyle that which includes a total attention with the nutrition, activity (correct, exercise), suitable rest and sleep, and the pleasant forms of recreation and relieving. I personally would throw in yoga and the meditation, but such are MY pleasant forms of recreation, relieving, and exercise, I guess.You will have to find what functions well for you.


The vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, and, in oneself, is not stored in the body. This means that it must be regularly replaced by mode and/or supplementation. The sources most generally identified vitamin C are lemon-yellow and other fruits - oranges, tangerines, lime, guava, lemons, papaws, strawberries, blackcurrant, grapefruits and mangos - as well as a range of vegetables. Some vegetables which contain the vitamin C include greens of collard, sweet peppers and hot, broccoli, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, potatoes, curly kale, spinaches, and cress.


The vitamin C is a valuable article of nutritive elements for the fabric growth, protection of the membranes of cells against the toxic losses, wounds the cure, and, as mentioned, the support of the immune system. It supports the growth of collagen and the cartilage, being protected from this way against several of the effects of ageing.

Because an antioxidant, assistances of vitamin C fight the free radicals, and he can help with cancer, rich in cholesterol, the cataracts, the diabetes, the allergies, asthma, and the periodontal disease.

The effectiveness of the vitamin C is supposed to be increased once taken with the vitamin E.


The recommended daily catch of the vitamin C is Mg 60 per day for adults, although many people, following Dr. Pauling 'wire of S, take amounts much higher in the hopes to prevent the cold and to draw aside the effects of ageing. However, in higher amounts there can be toxicity with one of the side effects being diarrhea. In certain cases, higher amounts of vitamin C can cause renal calculi or anemia, due to an interference with the absorption of the B12 vitamin.

A recall: the vitamin C is water-soluble, and of the unutilized parts will be rinsed body, catch so daily of foods rich in vitamin C or the supplementation with a multivitamin can be of value.

While there do not seem to be main issues related to the high amounts of the vitamin C, it could a good idea stick in the daily allowances recommended since the jury is always outside on side effects.


The most well-known result of an insufficiency of vitamin C is scurvy, a condition characterized by weakness, weakens, gum disease, and lesions of skin. Fortunately, the scurvy very rare in our modern society although is always found with a greater degree in the fields of the poor nutrition.

The frequent infections, cold serious, nose bleeds, tiredness, and the painful joints can also indicate an insufficiency.

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