Sunday, February 01, 2009

Strawberry, Fruit-Rich Health Benefits

Strawberry is fragrant and sweet with the red light in addition to this delicious and refreshing, that also has many benefits. Not surprisingly, if made strawberry berry fruit as the most popular in the world.

Benefits to the body

The form of a typical strawberry like hearts, save the fact that various fitonutrien not commonly found in other fruits that are very useful for health.

Protective antioxidants which is very strong

Strawberry, berry like the others, renowned for its proactive fenol the rich. In strawberry, fenol the womb is led by antosianin and elagitanin. Antosianin is what gives red light, and antioxidants that are very strong and many times proven able to protect the structure of the cells in the body and prevent oxygen damage in human organs.

In other words, the strawberry is a berry anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and heart be a patron. In addition, this strawberry is also known to have good impact on the inflammation that arises as a result of rheumatism, osteoarthritis and asthma.

While strawberry fitonutrien strengthen our optimal health. Elatiganin of the strawberry is often associated with a decrease in mortality due to cancer.

In one study, eight are in a strawberry food most associated with a decrease in mortality due to cancer of the study group consisting of 1000 parents.

They eat a strawberry three times more likely than not affected by cancer who did not. Gynecology fenol, flavonoid and antosianin in strawberry able to prevent the growth of liver cancer cells.

Setbacks to protect the eyes

It is often our parents would remind us to eat carrots so that our eyes bright, but, the fruit will give the protection of our eyes. Data published in the Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that the fruits that prevent damage to our eyes.

Three fruit portion per day will prevent damage to the eye is very strong. Three portions may be big enough for some people, that can be easily solved by strawberry.

You can breakfast cereals accompanied strawberry, lunch with the yogurt you can also added to the strawberry, and even dinner with a salad, strawberry accompanied, in addition to strengthening the sense of freshness and giving, also helps.

If you are a fan of food, try eating accompanied with a strawberry yogurt or honey. In addition to delicious and fresh, to savor our eyes is very good.

Protect the body from rheumatism arthritis

High-dose vitamin C according to some research, even cause osteoarthritis (bone inflammation), type arthritis that occur over time. But high doses vitamin C in strawberry not show this, research on animals that consume give this show that animals do not suffer if arthritis consume strawberry, while those who consume the vitamin C dose levels, these symptoms appear.

Gynecology nutrition of extremes

As a source of nutrition is extraordinary, that strawberry is one of the most good source for vitamin C and mangan. Strawberry is also a good source for fiber and iodine, is also a good source for potassium, folat, ribovlafin, B5 vitamins, Omega 3 Fat Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Magnesium and copper.

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