Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Greenhouse Gas Effects of Food

Gynecology nutrition roasted potatoes on the upcoming century will not be as much as the previous period, so the latest results of research from the University of Southwestern, Texas, United States, published in the journal Global Change Biology.

According to a researcher named Max Taub, along with the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) in the atmosphere due to burning fossil fuels, nutrition degree in many types of food raw materials also decreased.

Max analyze research in more than 200 research results of other researchers.

Study that he do more on the relation between the increase of greenhouse gases with the amount of protein in millet, rice, wheat, soybean, and potato. He also read the main food, is consumed by many in the poorest countries, which can get very dependent protein pattern of eating them.

Analysis of Max and the CO2 gas that rise to the increase of protein content in potatoes decreased to 14%.

While the protein content in millet down more than 15%, and nearly 10% decrease occurred in wheat and rice. Figures decrease the protein level shown by the small soy beans, because the food is just terdegradasi womb proteinnya as much as 1.4%.

"This is just one of many effects changing global climate," said Max.

Why climate change affects directly to the decline in protein content of food? Experts explain that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere of walking along with the volume of carbon stored in the plant network. Then, when more and more carbon stored in the body of the plant network, the concentration of other elements automatically decline - one of which is nitrogen gas which is the key component of protein substances.

Max explains, the decline in nitrogen content could be provided with a nitrogen fertilizer, but this step was triggering the problem because of environmental impact when poor nitrogen fertilizer to contaminate the water.

Another solution that can be offered is the development of seed crops in a higher concentration proteinnya, at least more than the CO2 content

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