Sunday, March 01, 2009

Impact of Positive Thoughts for People with Cancer

Some of us think that the power of positive thinking can affect the physical condition of someone and can extend the age of a disease, but one study in the United States that broadcast this weekend said that the condition of mind of cancer patients have no influence on the opportunities of their lives.

The researchers, led by James Coyne, professor psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, found no relationship between the mental health of cancer survivors and their last chance to overcome the disease.

"Spirituality psychiatric condition that a patient can affect the process and overcome their cancer is one that has been prominent among patients and medical staff," Coyne wrote in the study.

"Although many may arise emotional and social benefits on psikoterapi, patients should not seek such experiences solely on the expectation that all of that extend their lives," he said.

1093 study analyzing the cancer in the head or nape. Some 646 of them died before the study ended.

The researchers did not find the relationship that indicates that those who survive can survive because their positive frame of thinking, no matter what sex they are, the type of cancer or stage of their disease.

"Although this study may not end the debate, this study really provide the most robust evidence to date that psychological factors not examined separately in the handling of cancer," said Coyne

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