Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Flu Facts

Swine flu that has been anticipating the standby invited from all over the world in the last week appear to subside due to the threat of danger. Some scientists are intimate this virus swine flu has less the genetic power, such as the flu virus in the past.

Conclusions based on this fact in several cities affected by this virus swine flu, that virus does not survive this long. In New York City, the region with the highest in the case reached the U.S. or 49 cases, the swine flu is not known widely spread. In Mexico, which became the center of the spread of epidemics, and very few families of the infected by swine flu.

The experts explain that he does not see the potential this virus to be very dangerous. A scientist in the U.S. federal explain the genetic composition of bacteria lack this characteristic, such as pandemic flu in 1918 and not more dangerous of the bird flu.

However, most experts think that we should be careful with this virus, swine flu , anticipating the worst possible case of this virus.

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Andrew said...

Good lord enough with the swine flu, it's like a drug addiction with the constant news story.

Vikas said...

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