Sunday, May 03, 2009

What is Swine Flu ?

Influenza A (H1N1) or the so-called swine flu or flu Mexico at this time is quite worrying many people in many countries. One of the reasons why the swine flu virus is a worry to many parties, because the process of transmission which is very fast. However, although the disease spread quickly, people are not worried or paranoid because this disease can be destroyed by the body healthy and strong.

The process of transmission of swine flu also depends on the resistance body. People endurance body will not be so strong with this flu virus. So, that we are not infected swine flu, we must maintain the condition and durability our bodies.

Flu Mexico (swine flu) is contagious and spread like other flu viruses that sprinkle through saliva, coughing. But, of course we must remain calm but vigilant.

The virus is different from the H5N1 because H1N1 can be destroyed by our own body. "The period of incubation for 3-5 days. If there are patients suffering from this disease is suspected will be given medication Oseltamivir or Tamiflu for the flu virus is killed.

As to avoid anticipation of swine flu virus, we need to do hand washing. Especially before the process of food, before eating, and after activities.

For the mask, is used only for someone who is sick. If you suspect someone is exposed to this disease, with symptoms of fever and cough flee prolonged treatment to the doctor.

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